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tungsten wedding rings

The representation of Love

Rings, solitaires and Seth sideboards are jewelry to celebrate the best moments in life. Each alliance has its own personality, discover yours!

Permanent reminder of LOVE!

Impeccable craftsmanship and precise standards. Perfect to represent your love story.

Tag your story!

Customize your idea to immortalize this moment! Initials, a favorite quote, a secret message known only to you and your love.

An exclusive symbol of union for love.

The rings in Black Gold & Rose Gold bring a balanced and sophisticated color palette, with a rosé champagne tone in 18k gold. This unique combination of colors adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the jewelry.

Rose Gold, also known as rose gold, has a delicate and romantic charm, perfect for symbolizing love and commitment in rings. Black Gold, with its dark tone finish, adds an air of mystery and boldness, creating an interesting and elegant contrast with Rose Gold.

This collection of rings represents the perfect balance between the tradition of 18k gold and the innovation of different colors, offering unique options for couples who want a special and exclusive piece of jewelry to celebrate their best moments of love and togetherness. Discover the beauty and charm of these rings, made to symbolize the true essence of love.

Perfection is the principle that guides the production of Seth rings. Our methods rigorously take into account every detail, ensuring that each ring is truly the most important in life.

Our commitment to excellence begins with the selection of the finest materials, guaranteeing the quality and durability of our jewelry. Each step of the manufacturing process is carried out with mastery and meticulous attention, from conceptual design to the delicate setting of precious stones, if applicable.

Plus, our wedding rings are designed with comfort and beauty in mind. We seek to harmonize aesthetics and usability so that each ring is a unique and special experience for whoever wears it.

At Seth, we understand the importance of rings as symbols of love and commitment. That's why we strive to make each piece more than just a piece of jewelry, but an eternal symbol of unity and affection.

When choosing a Seth wedding ring, you are selecting a masterpiece made with dedication, care and the tireless pursuit of perfection. Celebrate your best moments with a piece of jewelry that represents all the beauty and meaning of true love.



The aesthetic sense of our design has survived over the years without losing the attributes that have always characterized it as an eternally modern product.