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Engagement and Dating Rings

Incredible loves deserve an incredible ring.

Today and always,

Seth celebrates true connections with engagement and dating rings that represent love in all forms.

Perfect for marking a special date!

Ours Engagement and dating rings are the result of skilled hands and technology. Seth is committed to a high standard of finishing in the design of products.


The engagement and dating ring, Solitary Princess is rich in exquisiteness.

Its bezel has a Chanel setting and the raised claws display a 6mm crystal.

Symmetry, design and cutting are the results of obsessive searches for a high standard of finishing. Precision-crafted to reveal intense light and vitality.


Delicate and refined, the Solitaire Love engagement and dating ring has the widest band and a 5mm crystal. A jewel developed using the best techniques of modern jewelry. Note that the claws favor the beauty of the solitaire, allowing the Crystal to be the center of attention. An exquisite design! Made by skilled artisans


Impeccable craftsmanship in 925 silver, set with 5mm Assher crystal. The rim has a design with soft and discreet curves. Notice the shine on this solitaire, it’s radiant! This is the result of precise and impeccable cutting.


The classic engagement and dating ring with modern design. Set with 6mm round crystal and edges designed with Chanel setting. Passion has extraordinary shine. A premium product with a high standard of finishing


Cutting, purity and color represent the three universal standards that determine the high quality standard of crystals. Together, they profoundly impact the brilliance and beauty of a crystal. The beauty of Crystal Seth is a result of our innovative jewelry design, impeccable craftsmanship, and precise patterns.

Our Crystals are synthesized from the mineral Zro2.

Perfect cut proportions and symmetry are obsessively taken into consideration so that our crystal has an extreme radiant shine.