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by Seth

Rice Pearl Necklace

R$ 595,00
SKU: 10253 ISBN: 10253
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Introducing our necklace with natural pearls in the beloved rice shape, a jewel that embodies elegance and sophistication in the Seth style.

Each natural pearl is carefully selected, creating a harmonious composition of shapes and colors. The rice shape, with its uniqueness, adds a dose of authenticity and modernity to the piece, while maintaining the classic essence of pearls.

Inspired by Seth's timelessness, this necklace is a statement of style and refinement. Each pearl is a manifestation of natural elegance, while the bold design remains true to tradition and a commitment to timeless beauty.

Wearing this necklace is not only adorning yourself with a jewel of exceptional quality, but also dressing yourself with the history of tradition and innovation, characteristics that are the essence of the Seth brand. Whether for special occasions or everyday life, this necklace is a statement of refinement and good taste, reflecting the spirit of the brand that we admire so much.

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