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by Seth

925 Silver Shiva Scapular

R$ 590,00
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Shiva Scapular, made in 925 Silver with Black Enamel detail.

The Shiva lucky amulet is rich in history and energy, one of the pendants bears the image of Shiva and the other the symbol of Om. Shiva is one of the supreme gods of Hinduism, also known as the regenerator of vital energy; means the "beneficial", the one who does good. Shiva is also considered the creator of Yoga, due to his power to generate physical and emotional transformations. For those who practice the activity, the Om symbol represents harmony and peace in the universe. All this symbolism and protection made in 925 silver with black enamel finishes and 3D design using the best techniques of modern jewelry.

- Current Size: 70cm.
- Chain Thickness: 0.9mm.
- Pendant: 12mm x 12mm

Reference: 11CO014

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