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by Seth

Free 925 Silver Scapular

R$ 590,00 R$ 845,00
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Scapular made in 925 Silver with plane pendant and Black Agate.

Free is the amulet of those who live in the air, born to fly. It has 2 plates with different designs, one made in 925 silver finished in Black Agate with meticulous craftsmanship and another smooth brushed plate for you to personalize your initials, a favorite quote, a secret message known only to you and your love, dates, codes , and even your own handwriting to make this jewel unique with Seth Personalize.
To finish, we added a pendant replica of the legendary P-47 World War II plane. Another highlight is the perfect symmetry of the chain links, which provide a unique shine to the movement.

- Current Size: 70cm.
- Chain Thickness: 0.9mm.
- Agate Pendant: 10mm x 15mm
- Plain Pendant: 20mm x 15mm
- Airplane Pendant: 15mm

Reference: 11CO011

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