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by Seth

925 Light Silver Scapular

R$ 690,00 R$ 785,00
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Scapular made in 925 Silver with Mother of Pearl.

Luz is one of the most noble amulets in the collection, made in 925 silver and mother of pearl. One of the plates has the Chai symbol exquisitely made in 3D applied to the mother-of-pearl. Chai, which means Life in Hebrew, is the combination of two letters chet and yod. This junction represents the living God and this is the meaning of this jewel. On the back it has the Star of David, which in history says that King David's soldiers used the symbol of this star, embedded in their shields to feel empowered and protected. The other pendant is the symbol of the Hand of Fatima, which is the hand that wards off evil with wisdom. A modern and contemporary jewelry, curated with precious finishes and details, made using the best modern jewelry techniques.

- Current Size: 60cm.
- Chain Thickness: 1.5mm.
- Pendant: 17mm x 12mm

Reference: 11CO015

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