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by Seth

Protective 925 Silver Scapular

R$ 745,00 R$ 885,00
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Scapular made in 925 Silver.

Protector is a scapular that conveys strength and courage. Made with two bold plates of solid 925 silver and the iconic image of Saint George, the warrior on his white horse with a sword embedded in a dragon.
Saint George is one of the most devoted saints in Brazil, also known as the Warrior Saint, he is considered the Patron Saint of knights, soldiers, scouts, fencers and archers.
Other highlights of this jewelry are the Saint George's sword pendant and the impeccable symmetry of the Venetian box chain, which is thicker and provides a radiant shine. The robustness and symbolism of a jewel made using the best techniques of modern jewelery with all the design curation by Seth an avant garde jewelery (contemporary, forward-thinking, pioneering)

- Current Size: 70cm.
- Chain Thickness: 1.5mm.
- Pendant: 16mm x 13mm
- Sword Pendant: 10mm

Reference: 11CO003

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