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by Seth

Rice Pearl Bracelet

R$ 395,00
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The Bold Elegance of Pearls: Seth's Rice Bracelet.

At the intersection of timeless tradition and modern innovation, our single-loop bracelet with natural pearls in an intriguing rice shape was born. A tribute to sophistication that echoes refined style.

Each natural pearl is meticulously chosen, and the shape rice brings a touch of authenticity to the piece. The 925 silver finishes reflect light in a unique way, giving a subtle shine that completes the stunning design.

Like a symphony of contemporary elegance, this bracelet is a statement of style and originality. Each pearl reflects light in a unique way, while 925 silver amplifies its natural beauty.

By wearing this bracelet, you not only adorn your wrist but also surround yourself with the essence of refinement and fashion. The bold design and attention to detail pay homage to Seth's aesthetic, where each piece tells a story of elegance and authenticity.

From special events to everyday moments, Seth's single loop bracelet with natural pearls in rice shape is a masterpiece of style and sophistication, embodying the fusion of pearl tradition and modern design. A jewel that resonates with the spirit and where beauty meets individuality.

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